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Cosmetic Injectables and Botox Treatment in Victoria

Cosmetic injectables such as Botox® and Dysport are made from a purified natural protein and are commonly used to relax muscles by blocking motor nerve impulses. The treated muscles relax after one to three days and the effects typically last three to four months. Many patients enjoy the convenience of having Botox® or Dysport treatment done at the time of their hygiene appointments. My Victoria Dentist offers cosmetic injectables and Botox® treatment at our dental clinic in Victoria. Our dentists are trained and experienced to provide effective solutions and administer cosmetic injectables safely.

If you’re feeling pain from grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw or are dealing with involuntary muscle spasms or simply want to smooth out fine lines on your face and around your jaw, book an appointment with us right away! Please feel free to call us in case you have any questions or specific concerns you’d like to discuss with our team.


What Is Botox®? How Does It Work?

Botox® is a drug made of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is essentially a protein that can cause a severe disease known as botulism under normal conditions. However, scientists found that this neurotoxin has therapeutic effects. When separated and purified, this protein is an active medical principle that is safe and effective for cosmetic and medical treatment.

Botox® is injected directly into a muscle. Once it reaches the nerves, it blocks the transmission of chemical signals that enable muscle movement. It temporarily relaxes the muscles and does so without affecting the nerves that work to help you feel pain, temperature, touch and other sensations. Botox® lasts for three to four months and as the effects of the toxin wear off, movement in the injected muscle slowly returns. Patients can then choose to have the next dose and continue the therapy. Get in touch with us for more information.


Use of Botox® in Dentistry

Botox® has been widely used for cosmetic reasons to tighten muscles and enhance appearance since 2002. Over the years, it has been shown to effectively treat different conditions and improve dental health.

Cosmetic injectables are most commonly used in cosmetic dentistry to improve aging lines and wrinkles around the lip and jaw, facial swelling, and excessive sweating and to enhance, reshape and realign your smile. It is a safe and non-invasive therapy that can help manage other dental conditions like high lip lines, temporomandibular joint disorder, clenching and grinding of teeth, and more. Botox® can help patients transition to a new set of dentures or dental appliances by relaxing and retraining the jaw muscles and preventing involuntary muscle spasms that cause a lot of discomfort.


Cosmetic Injectables Offer a Range of Treatments

Botox® can be used to:

  • Prevent or Decrease Lines, Wrinkles, and Signs of Aging

    Botox® and Dysport are used to prevent, reduce and eliminate the appearance of facial lines such as crow’s feet, forehead creases, or vertical frown lines between the eyebrows by relaxing the muscles that cause the skin to wrinkle. Botox® is used cosmetically to reverse signs of aging in patients in their 20s and 30s. It can help avoid the development of deep wrinkle lines in their early stages. Botox® and Dysport can also be used to raise droopy eyebrows and accentuate the eyes or narrow the appearance of a wide jaw by relaxing the muscles on the outside of the jaw.

  • Reduce Joint Pain, Clenching, and Grinding

    Botox® can be used to relax the jaw muscles and decrease both the frequency and intensity of clenching and grinding. In some cases, using Botox dramatically improves pain in the jaw joint (or the temporomandibular joint) as well as tooth pain associated with hyperactive jaw muscles.

  • Reduce Migraine Symptoms

    Botox® is effective in reducing the frequency and duration of migraines. It is injected around the pain fibres that are involved in headaches and helps to block the release of chemicals involved in the pain transmission thus preventing the activation of pain networks in the brain.

  • Reduce the Appearance of a Gummy Smile

    Many patients feel that they show too much gum when they smile. By injecting small amounts of Botox®, it is possible to reduce how high the lip travels when you smile thus dramatically reducing the amount of gum tissue shown.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about the applications for cosmetic injectables and our Botox® treatments in Victoria.


Costs of Cosmetic Injectables in Victoria

Botox® and Dysport cost $10/unit. The number of units needed is highly dependent on the individual patient and the type of treatment desired. For example, the most common treatment is for the frown lines on the upper face associated with the eyebrows, known as the glabella frown lines. This treatment usually requires approximately 30-40 units for women and 40-50 units for men. A brow lift requires approximately 30 units for most people. Treatment for TMJ pain, migraines, and excessive clenching often requires 100-150 units.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Injectables Treatment


Our trained and certified licensed professionals provide cosmetic injectables and Botox® treatments while educating you about the benefits and risks.


The effects of Botox® can last up to 3-4 months, depending on the dosage injected and a variety of external factors. Consult our dentist to determine the right treatment schedule for you and plan your next appointment.


After a Botox® consultation with our dentist in Victoria, the procedure takes around 15 minutes to complete.


You should start to see results within 1-3 days of starting treatment. After treatment, wrinkles and lines may continue to disappear for up to two weeks.


Contact My Victoria Dentist Today

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