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Our Advanced Dental Technology will Make you Smile

The technology in dentistry is advancing at an incredible pace. We have options today that were not possible even a few years ago. It is important to us at My Victoria Dentist that we keep pace with the change so that our patients are not left behind. Investing in up-to-date technology reflects our high level of commitment to patient care. Some of the technology that we make use of may not be very obvious. For example, we use piezoelectric surgical devices to make sinus surgery safer and electric hand-pieces that are much quieter and more accurate than traditional dental drills. However, some of the technology is more conspicuous. For example, we have the ability to offer crowns in one appointment, intra-oral cameras that allow us to show you areas of interest inside your mouth, and a CBCT scanner that produces 3D imaging. We are also dedicated to reducing the amount of radiation that our patients are exposed to. We only use digital radiography which can reduce the amount of exposure by 90% from traditional film x-rays.


New Dental Technology at My Victoria Dentist

Staying current on available technology to treat and diagnose dental disease is fundamental to providing responsible care to our patients. You can be confident that as new advancements are made, we will make them available for our patients.

Some of the technology that we utilize at our clinic includes:

Digital radiography reduces x-ray exposure up to 90%
Cone beam CT scans allow for safer implant placement and more accurate diagnosis of oral disease
Intra-oral cameras allow us to show you pictures from inside your mouth
Our diode laser allows us to more gently re-shape tissue
Rotary endodontics improve the prognosis of root canal therapy
Single-visit crowns eliminate the need for a temporary crown and a second visit for your crown delivery
Intra-oral digital scanning technology improves accuracy and eliminates the need for impression material
Transillumination cameras improve diagnosis and reduce the need for x-rays
Optical digital imaging and record keeping allows gradual changes in tooth wear and recession to be compared over time

If you have any more questions about the technology we use and how it can help treat your teeth, or to set up an appointment with our team, contact us today.

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Single-Visit Crowns

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