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Sedation Can Be Helpful if You Have High Dental Anxiety or a Strong Gag Reflex

Although most dental procedures can be tolerated without the need for sedation, we understand that at times some level of sedation is the best choice. If you are a person with a strong gag reflex or are anxious about dental treatment, you may benefit from having your care completed with the help of sedation techniques, such as nitrous oxide gas and oral sedation.


Different Types of Sedation for Different Concerns


Oral sedation can be very effective at controlling anxiety or a strong gag reflex. With oral sedation, medication is taken prior to the dental appointment. We ask patients to come to their appointment an hour early to receive the medication. The pills are placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. We typically use triazolam, midazolam, or lorazepam depending on the situation. It is absolutely imperative that patients have a responsible person to escort you home after the appointment, and as you are impaired, driving should be avoided for 24 hours. 


Nitrous oxide is a gas that has excellent sedative properties. Most patients actually enjoy the experience immensely. Nitrous oxide is often used if stronger sedation is required than oral sedation can provide or if the inconveniences associated with oral sedation want to be avoided. Unlike oral sedation, with nitrous oxide sedation, the effects do not continue past the length of the appointment.  Therefore, you do not need someone to escort you home and you will not be impaired for the rest of the day.

Contact our team today to learn more about your sedation options or to make an appointment to visit us. Dental anxiety doesn't need to prevent you from receiving dental treatment.


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