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3 Reasons To Choose Clear Aligners Like Invisalign

man wearing Invisalign clear aligners

Have you ever had a bad experience with braces? If you have, you’re probably hesitant to use any products that realign your teeth. Fortunately, it is possible to get the smile you want without having to wear wire braces. 

Clear aligners are nearly invisible, convenient, and easy to use. In the article below, you’ll find a list of three reasons to choose clear aligners like Invisalign. Continue reading to learn more about your options for teeth aligners.

  1. Clear Aligners Are Discreet Do you worry about what others will think about you if you have braces? It’s hard to change your appearance, and it’s especially tough to feel embarrassed when you smile. You won’t have to deal with any of those feelings if you get clear teeth aligners from a professional dentist in Victoria. You might be asking yourself, how much is Invisalign? In addition to being hardly noticeable, clear aligners are usually less expensive than traditional braces.

  2. Clear Teeth Aligners Are Easy To Take On and Off One of the biggest downsides to braces is the fact that they can only be removed by a professional. You can’t take your braces off when you play sports or when you eat. Clear aligners, on the other hand, pop on and off easily. You won’t have to worry about getting food stuck in the aligners because you can remove the aligners when you eat. Plus, clear teeth aligners won’t cut into your lips or gums like wire braces might. Clear teeth aligners also don’t leave any marks on your teeth. Wire braces, on the other hand, have the potential to leave demineralization marks on the teeth which are difficult to and sometimes impossible to completely remove. Your teeth will benefit from leaving the aligners on as much as possible, but you’ll appreciate being able to take them off when they’re inconvenient.

  3. It’s Easy To Clean Your Teeth and Your Aligner If you’ve ever worn braces, you know annoying it is when food gets stuck underneath the wire. Braces also make it very difficult to floss. You won’t have these problems with clear teeth aligners. Not only do clear aligners make it easy to clean your teeth, but the aligners themselves can also be cleaned. The only way to clean wire braces is to brush them while you’re brushing your teeth. Aligners, on the other hand, can be easily washed with soap and water or soaked in a special solution to remove stain.

Deciding if Clear Aligners Are Right For You

Clear aligners like Invisalign have a lot of advantages over traditional wire braces. Not only are they discreet, but they’re also easy to clean and easy to remove.

If you’re interested in getting fitted for clear aligners, schedule a consultation with the dentists at My Victoria Dentist.



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