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The Advantages of One Visit Dental Crowns

elderly woman getting dental crown

Daily brushing and flossing is crucial for a healthy smile, but did you know that only one-third of Canadians brush their teeth twice a day and floss once every day? Although proper dental hygiene is a great way to fend off infections and decay, it isn't always enough. Sometimes, accidents and natural changes take over and cause damage that requires a professional to fix.

If you have a cracked or damaged tooth, a large cavity, have had a root canal that has caused fractures, or want to improve your teeth' colour or shape for a brighter smile, you might be a good candidate for CEREC one-visit dental crowns. We have created an outline of some of the greatest advantages of one-visit dental crowns. Functionality Restored Immediately

Because CEREC crowns can be created and put in your mouth in one visit, you will immediately regain functionality. You will be able to return to eating your favourite foods right after the procedure. Individual Design and Accurate Fit

CEREC dental crowns are made using digital impressions. This dental crown procedure takes out the margin of error common in traditional impressions. Digital impressions ensure an accurate and personalized fit, which makes the dental crown comfortable and functional. Eliminates Sensitivity

From start to finish, traditional crowns take a while. First, you will need an impression, and then the dentist will have to send the impression to a laboratory to make the crown. In the meantime, you will be fitted with a temporary crown; these temporary crowns often cause irritation. When you get a one-visit dental crown, however, it is put in right away, thus eliminating the need for a temporary crown. Therefore, one-visit dental crowns minimize and often prevent unnecessary irritation. Only One Appointment Required

One-visit dental crowns lower the dental crown cost because you only need to make one trip to the dentist. On the day of your appointment, you will get your crown without the need for follow-up appointments until your permanent crowns to be fabricated. If you require a dental procedure prior to receiving a crown, both procedures can often be done in one day as well. If you need a root canal, for example, and your tooth must be restored as a result, you can undergo both procedures on the same day. The process is extremely efficient, allowing you to save time and minimize stress. One-Visit Dental Crowns Are the Way to Go

CEREC dental crowns are an easy, fast, and effective alternative to traditional crowns. They will give you a natural-looking smile and restore function in no time. If you need single visit dental crowns in Victoria, schedule an appointment with My Victoria Dentist. With highly qualified dentists and CEREC technology, we will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best results possible.



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